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Our suites

Ideally located in the southern lodge of the Fortress of Saint Vidal, the suites enjoy generous light and an idyllic view of the castle’s Italian terrace and the valley it overlooks.
The historic ceilings, the beautiful volumes, the charm of old stones… each element combines to offer you a luxurious and authentic stay in the heart of Haute-Loire.
From the classic, junior room to the family suite, you will find the space that suits you, as a couple or as a family, to experience the life of a château in Auvergne.

Baron de Saint Vidal suite

Antoine II de la Tour, Baron de Saint Vidal, is the most illustrious character of the family de Tower de Saint Vidal. A fine strategist, he was appointed Governor of Velay and Gévaudan as well as Grand Master of the Artillery of France. Passionate, he lets Italian art and the Renaissance enter the thick walls of the Fortress.

Marquis de Rochefort d’Ally suite

Claude de Rochefort of Ally married in 1582 Claire de Saint Vidal, eldest daughter of Antoine II de la Tour de Saint Vidal. Heir to the lands of Saint Vidal, the Rochefort d’Ally family will keep the Fortress until the 18th century, allowing it not to suffer the ravages of time.

Prince de la Tour d’auvergne Suite

This parental suite of approximately 65 m² will bring you to the time of the Lords thanks to its imposing fireplace and its magnificent painted ceilings from the 16th century. An immersion as close as possible to History in this emblematic site of Haute-Loire.

Comte d’Apchier Suite

A very old family of the French nobility, the Apchier family comes from Gévaudan, a territory at the crossroads of Haute-Loire and Lozère. The last Baron of Saint Vidal before the Revolution of 1789, Jean-Joseph d´Apchier is known in particular for having ordered the battue during which Jean Chastel defeated the mythical Beast of Gévaudan.

Seigneur d’Albon Room

An important family from Lyonnais who played a leading role in the politics of the Kingdom of France throughout the 16th century, the d’Albon family has been linked to the house of Saint-Vidal since 1533 thanks to the union of Antoine I de la Tour de Saint Vidal to Françoise d’Albon who will give birth to Antoine II de la Tour de Saint Vidal, an emblematic figure in the history of the castle and the Velay.

Seigneur de Saint Point Room

From the Mâconnais, the house of Saint Point, whose eponymous castle is notably known to have belonged to the poet Alphonse de Lamartine, joins forces with that of Saint Vidal through the marriage of Baron Antoine II de la Tour de Saint Vidal to the charming Claire de Saint Point in 1563.

Chevalier de Goudet Room

The seigneury of Goudet is fundamental to the history of the Château de Saint Vidal. The very first written record concerning the lands of Saint Vidal is attributed to Adhémare de Goudet, sister of the Lord of Goudet, who, by her will, bequeaths his lands to her husband, Hugues de la Tour who will become in 1288 the first lord de la Tour de Saint Vidal.