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A little history in the land of Velay …

Saint Vidal beer has a history as old as the castle. It is the result of a meeting between cereals from the Velay and Margeride plateaus, water and ancestral know-how.


Legend tells us that during the Hundred Years War, Hugues de la Tour Baron de Saint Vidal was taken prisoner at the castle of Aleuse by the bandit Aimérigot, during a patrol. After several months of imprisonment and deprivation, his jailers offered him a deal: give the recipe for “Beer of Saint Vidal” or pay a ransom. The archives tell us that Huges appealed to his friends Armand de Polignac and Guy de Monlaur who during a treaty in Saint Agréve in June 1384, forced themselves to collect one hundred gold francs, to obtain the freedom of their friend. .


In 2021, after a period of intense work, the Fortress is creating a recipe that respects tradition and pays homage to this slice of history, to these knights and to those who have since committed themselves to the service of France.

From a technical point of view, the beer comes from the fermentation of cereals, in particular barley from Margeride and, for its unique side, rye from Velay. Our hops come from Alsace, whose cultural tradition belongs as much to the collective imagination as to French heritage. The result of this alchemy is a blond beer, quite fruity and rather light with a fine tangy touch at the end of the mouth which surprises the palate without abruptness. In short, a unique character like the land from which it was born, a beer handed down from brewer to brewer for generations.

The Saint-Vidal Brewery: two unique spaces

The Brasserie de Saint Vidal is available in two spaces with unique characters and atmospheres.
A place for brewing in a magnificent vaulted room, formerly used as the Château’s stables.
And a tasting place, with privileged access to the Italian-style Terrace of the Fortress. This friendly tavern works with the life of the place, during the summer, visitors can come and quench their thirst. The rest of the time, space is an integral part of village life.
It is also possible to privatize the place for various events such as After-Work in a warm atmosphere.